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Dog Walking

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to prevent behavioural issues with your dog. The old adage of “healthy body, healthy mind” applies to both humans and dogs! Regular activity provides many benefits both emotionally and physically. A good walk is the best way to exercise your dog who may not move about much in your home or even in your yard. This applies to senior dogs as well who need to be kept agile but may need a little encouragement along the way! Also senior dogs require more frequent bathroom breaks than once needed as a younger dog. Digger Doggers will reinforce basic obedience and manners throughout the walk. Walks are scheduled within an approximate 1.5 hour window as per client request. Dogs are returned home at the end of their walk happy & with an “empty tank.” We are experienced with most breeds, large & small.

Puppy/Senior Visits  

A young pup can suffer from two things; separation anxiety and of course a small bladder! Puppy visits are the answer for both of these issues by providing a regular, routine schedule for your puppy that will help them adapt and become more effectively house trained/crate trained in their home environment without showing destructive behavioural issues (excessive chewing and barking). Not only is your puppy's schedule kept consistent, but they will also be socialized with someone other than the owner. Eliminate the additional stress facing many senior dogs who may be more accident prone due to age related factors, unable to hold their bladders for extended periods of time.

Pet Sitting

Digger Doggers has experience with all pets including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles. We will accommodate the client’s specific needs accordingly and will honour any additional requests the pet owner may have with regards to their personalized pet care regimen. No small detail will be overlooked. Medications also administered by experienced staff if required. Cats may be independent pets but they still have specific needs and requirements. Digger Doggers takes pride in their cat sitting service which will provide to your cat the added security and comfort of remaining in their own home environment. Leaving your cat in your own home reduces the stress involved in moving him/her to another location, often at times facing confinement, loneliness and exposure to other animal’s parasites, etc. Why bother with the added expense and stress of boarding your cat elsewhere when you can leave your kitty (s) in the comfort of your own home!

* Cat visits include daily feeding, refilling of water dishes, cleaning of litter box,

administration of pills, playtime and/or any other special requests that the

customer may have while they are away.

House Sitting

Digger Doggers house sitting services brings you peace of mind while you are

away providing comfort & reassurance while maintaining that “lived-in” look

to your home. Take advantage of the many affordable benefits of hiring a house

sitter while still honouring your home owner’s insurance policy. All client specifics will be

contractually arranged in advance at time of booking. Client confidence is maintained ensuring no small detail is overlooked.

House sitting services provide:

- Visual inspection of interior of home

- Visual inspection of exterior of home – walk around

- Check heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing (frozen pipes, sump pump, run    

  taps, etc.)

- Smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detectors – batteries

- Service providers (lawn, snow), if required

- Mail, newspaper pick up etc.

- Plant maintenance – Indoor/outdoor

- Adjust lights (*complimentary light timer provided during your absence!)

- Adjust curtains, blinds

- Liase with security company, real estate agents, contractors etc. if applicable

Digger Doggers uses biodegradable bags because we care about our environment !